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Prop Firm Accounts
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Don’t want to go through the stress of passing prop firm challenge and waiting to get funded? We have a solution for your. Get a fully funded live prop firm account from us today.

$500Instant access
$2000Instant access
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$500Instant access
$500Instant access

How it Works

What exactly is a fully funded account?
A funded account is a trading account that a proprietary trading firm grants to a trader, typically following the trader's successful completion of a series of evaluation stages and fulfillment of specific trading requirements. In this instance, the accounts we bought from these respectable prop firms, traded, and made it through the evaluation stages are our fully funded accounts. It is now funded and prepared to be exchanged for a profit share every two weeks.
Funded Account Management
Upon successful passing of both phases, our team of successful funded traders will help you to manage your Funded account. We always aim a minimum of 10% ROI monthly.
Loss Account Recovery
Account running on loss can be submitted to us and our team will help you to recover it from loses and bring it back to breakeven or positive balance and potentially pass the challenge if we have enough time remaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have $50K, $100K, $200K and 500K fully funded accounts available for sale.

We acquired challenge accounts from reputable firms (FTMO, MyFundedFX, SmartPropTrader, GoatFunded, Fidelcrest, SurgeTrader, TrueForexFunds,FundedEngineer, FundedNext, FundingPips and TheFundedTrader, to be exact).

As a team of funded traders, we have a number of our own funded accounts from various renowned prop firms. The bulk of our traders have surpassed their maximum capital allocation. As a result, offering these funded accounts is a gesture of goodwill to assist those who are having difficulty passing the evaluation stage. In another sense, we can say we operate on a win-win basis, in that we buy challenge accounts in bulk, successfully pass the evaluation process, and then sell the funded accounts at a profit, while our clients gain from having a funded account.
Copy Trading
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We provide clients with a free automatic copy trading. You simply create a broker account with our recommended broker then use the broker's copy trade system to automatically receive trades on your account.

Our recommended broker is Vantage Markets. You must be using Vantage Markets if you want to copy our trades.

The next process will onboard you into our copy trade system. 

You are required to enter your Meta Trader (MT4) login details in this field

Since you do not have an account yet, you will be redirected to Vantage Market client registration portal. 

You are required to register an account, verify your account and make a deposit of at least $500. Once that is done, contact us via live chat, email or on whatsapp.

Click on the Get Started below to proceed.

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