Economic indicators are statistical data points and metrics that provide insights into the overall health and performance of an economy. They are used by economists, analysts, policymakers, and investors to gauge the current and future economic conditions, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Economic indicators are typically released by government agencies, central banks, and private organizations on a regular schedule, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. Analysts and economists closely monitor these indicators to assess the performance of specific sectors, measure economic growth or contraction, identify inflationary or deflationary pressures, evaluate labor market conditions, and analyze consumer spending patterns.

By studying economic indicators, stakeholders can gain insights into the overall health of the economy, make predictions about future trends, and adjust their strategies accordingly. These indicators play a vital role in economic forecasting, monetary policy decisions, investment analysis, and business planning.

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We provide clients with a free automatic copy trading. You simply create a broker account with our recommended broker then use the broker's copy trade system to automatically receive trades on your account.

Our recommended broker is Vantage Markets. You must be using Vantage Markets if you want to copy our trades.

The next process will onboard you into our copy trade system. 

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Since you do not have an account yet, you will be redirected to Vantage Market client registration portal. 

You are required to register an account, verify your account and make a deposit of at least $500. Once that is done, contact us via live chat, email or on whatsapp.

Click on the Get Started below to proceed.

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