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Our portfolio management services is for clients with little or no knowledge about financial markets, or clients  with funds who do not have time to trade. Let’s grow your funds exponentially with our experienced and unrivaled forex managers.

How Our Portfolio Management Works.

An investor with a funded  forex or synthetic indices trading account can have their money professionally traded by our  professional trader. The manager has no access to your cash and is unable to deposit or take money from your account.

It’s simple to get started, and best of all, your managed account is in YOUR name. Clients have complete control over their trading account and investment funds, and they can withdraw cash at any time, ensuring complete transparency. The trade manager simply restricts access to “trade-only” information

Forex Account Manager

Forex Account Management

Forex is a global off-exchange market with a daily turnover of more than 6.6 trillion dollars that involves the buying and selling of currencies with the goal of making a profit. Investors, institutions, banks, and traders can all use this platform. The market is incredibly appealing, and anyone can make a lot of money on it – far more than banks and investment firms can. Trading profitably on the Forex market, on the other hand, is far from simple. Trading’s significant dangers can always be lessened if you approach them correctly.

Featured Benefits of Our Managed Forex Account.

Featured Benefits of Managed Indices Account.

What exactly is an index?

A weighted average is used to create an index from the prices of its constituent equities. Any index specifies the requirements that a company must meet in order to be considered for inclusion.

An index attempts to reflect the status of a big industry sector or a country’s stock market as a whole by tracking the performance of a large group of shares.

Portfolio Management Terms and Conditions

Account Management Form

Note: Closing  or taking substantial amount out of your account without notifying the fund  manager will affect your earning performance,or potentially disrupt a trade in progress.

Portfolio Management

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