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Gold Scalper PRO Review.

This is a review of Gold Scalper PRO. This page will provide you with a full analysis of this forex robot.

The Gold scalper PRO robot claims to employ sensible stop-loss limits as well as a sound entry and exit trading strategy.

Money management and a news filter are included in the robot.

This news filter aids in the avoidance of trading during major news events.

The robot also includes a manual trading option. This manual trading function, on the other hand, does not allow traders to trade under adverse market conditions.

This robot is one of many forex trading robots available on the internet, with 90% of them being scams.

Here is a summary of the Gold scalper PRO review that you should read before purchasing the robot.

Trust Score 35%
Price $159
Refund? 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Strategy Not Disclosed
Currency Pairs XAU/USD
Fully Automated? Yes
Trading Platforms MT4 & MT5
Live Account No
Historical ROI Not Disclosed

Live Account for Gold Scalper PRO.

Despite the fact that it has a news filter, the Gold scalper PRO robot’s major flaw is that it has no live trading results.

On the website, the only account that the developer displayed was a demo account.

In fact, the robot still lost -749.42 pips on average, which is three times larger than its average win of -220.20 pips.

Furthermore, the creators provided incorrect information about this demo account, claiming it to be a live account.

It’s tough to believe that the robot produced large profits in backtesting, as the developers stated, given these fabrications.

During backtesting, the developers stated that the robot had an 85.45 success percentage across 1313 trades.

They claimed that 14 years of backtesting turned a $1,000 account into $924,000 profit. In fact, this outcome appears to be too wonderful to be true.

In addition, after years of backtesting, the robot turned a $10,000 account into $139,000 in 1313 trades.

Because there is no live trading result to back them up, all of them should be regarded tales.

Review of the strategy

The robot’s creators have not revealed the trading method that the robot employs.

The robot, on the other hand, employs sensible stop-loss limits as well as effective entry and exit trading logic.

A money management risk and a news filter are also included in the robot, allowing traders to avoid trading during major market occurrences.

Traders can also trade manually using the robot’s capability.

Finally, the robot does not employ a martingale strategy or any other grid-based, high-risk method.

Even though most developers are afraid of being sued if they divulge their robots’ strategies, exposing the robot’s plan will always be a good reason to acquire the robot.

One of the factors to examine before purchasing a robot is strategy and design.

Is It Worth It To Purchase The Gold Scalper PRO Robot?

Despite the fact that the robot has a news filter, no one should trust it.

The developers haven’t been forthcoming enough with information regarding the robot.

Furthermore, the backtest results appear to be too good to be true, which is one of the factors to examine before purchasing a forex robot.

Furthermore, there are no consumer reviews or testimonials for the robot from individuals who must have utilized it.

The robot is not brand new, and it is said to have positive evaluations that would persuade anyone interested in purchasing it. Is it possible that the robot has underperformed?

Furthermore, the inventors did not explain the robot’s approach, which is another turn-off for anyone considering purchasing.

Doesn’t having a historical ROI mean that my robot can decide not to produce a profit for me after a few weeks or months of use?

A feature of the robot allows traders to trade manually.

It also comes with a news filter, which allows traders to avoid trading during major occurrences.

The robot, on the other hand, does not have a live account evidence.

Then there are the backtesting findings, which are simply too fantastic to be true.

Furthermore, the robot lacks a customer review, which is not intended to be the case.

Finally, the robot’s creators forged a live account from a demo account.

What is the point of purchasing a robot from a company that is not transparent?

After reading this review, are you still considering purchasing the robot?

If I were you, I would enroll in advanced forex trading programs to have a better grasp of the market.

After reading this far, do you still want to buy the robot? Rather than squandering your money, please consider making a donation to your local orphanage.

Here’s an unbiased Gold Scalper PRO review that you should read before purchasing the robot.

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