Happy Forex EA Review | Want A happy Forex EA Review?

Want A happy Forex EA Review?, If so, here is a comprehensive review of the happy forex expert advisor that will tell you everything you need to know. Happy forex expert advisor is a collection of expert advisors. This group of expert advisors plays various roles in the financial market.

A trader can choose to get one of them or all of them.

Happy forex eas come in a variety of flavours, including happy gold, happy forex, happy way, happy trend, happy martigrid, happy news, happy algorithm, and so on.

Greetings, Gold – This includes a news filter and operates on the M5 timeframe. It also supports major currency pairs.

Then there’s Happy News, which assists a trader in automatically trading the important news.

Another contented forex expert advisor is contented forex itself. Low drawdowns are used in this. It also employs a grid strategy with no martingale.

Happy Gold employs a scalp/swing strategy in conjunction with a zigzag indicator.

Then, on the M15 chart, happy market hour employs technical indicators. It works best with a regular account.

The Martingale/Grid strategy is used by Happy MartiGrid, along with technical indicators and a news filter.

In addition, the happy trend robot works with a news filter on high volatility. It only allows one trade to be opened at a time and has extremely efficient money management.

Another type of happy forex combination is the happy way robot. It employs a grid strategy with no martingale and no indicator.

Trust Score 35%
Price $299 for the package 2 licenses and $499 for the package with 5 licenses
Refund? 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Strategy Martingale, grid strategy, hedge, semi-martingale, technical indicators, and so on.
Currency Pairs Major Currency Pairs
Fully Automated? Yes
Trading Platforms MT4 and MT5
Live Account Yes
Historical ROI Not disclosed
Website Happy Forex EA Website

Happy Forex EA Strategy Evaluation

Because the expert advisor is a collection of different robots, these robots employ a variety of strategies.

In order to place trades, the Happy Martigrid robot employs the Martingale/Grid strategy, as well as technical indicators and a news filter.

The happy Gold robot, on the other hand, uses a wing strategy with a zigzag indicator to place trades.

In addition, the happy fast money robot functions as a grid/hedge with various currency pairs.

The grid strategy, on the other hand, is the most common strategy used by almost every happy forex robot.

Some of them use the grid strategy with martingale, while others do not.

Happy Forex EA Live Account Review

The expert advisor has proof of a live account.

However, some of the robots under it do not have one, which is a big turn-off for anyone looking to buy.

As of the time of writing, the Happy Gold robot had a weekly profit difference of -$27.79 and a pips difference of -78 when trading live.

On a live trading account, the same happy gold robot recorded an average loss of -95.11 pips, which was higher than its average win of -71.67 pips.

Not to mention that this same happy gold robot had a best trade of $920.70, which was very low in comparison to its worst trade of -$1424.34.

In 10 months of live trading, the happy fast money made approximately 15,623.6 pips.

Finally, in 10 months of live trading, the happy forex robot made 3,909.3 pips.

Should You Purchase The Robot?

Some of the robots lack proof of a live account.

Why should you invest in such robots?

The happy gold robot also failed some live trading tests.

Is this implying that a user may lose all of his money in the long run as a result of using the robot?

  • Not to mention that the happy fast money robot makes more money than any of the other robots.
  • The outcomes of this happy fast money robot appear to be too good to be true.
  • Another point to consider is the price of this robot.
  • The robot is available in two different price ranges.
  • One of the prices includes two licences.
  • The other price includes five licences.
Is this to say that users of one package may lose some of their money?
Do the licences have anything to do with the robot’s authenticity?


Happy forex expert advisor is a mash-up of various forex robots.

Happy gold, happy forex, happy neutron, happy fast money, happy Martigrid, happy way, and so on are all part of the mix.

The grid strategy is used by the majority of these robots.

While Martingale is also used by some.

However, this expert advisor is not without flaws.

Some of the robots do not have verified live accounts.

Furthermore, some of the robots suffered massive losses during live trading.

Another thing that any prospective user should be wary of is the disparity in prices.

Do you still want to purchase the robot after reading this far?

If I were you, I would enrol in an advanced forex course.

Alternatively, I continue to visit forex dominant for more reviews and articles about the forex market

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